Macro-Friendly Fast Food & Restaurant Master List

Julie Ledbetter and Texas Road House

Texas Roadhouse

My Top Pick: 1 Slice of Baked Bread + Grilled Chicken Salad (no bacon and cheese), add 56g mozzarella cheese + 2 tablespoons of Bolt House Ranch Dressing: P-74g; C-41g; F-31g.

Other Macro-Friendly Suggestions:

  • 1 Slice of Baked Bread + Grilled BBQ Chicken w/ Fresh Veggies & Steak Fries: P-59g; C-100g; F-33g (~933 Calories).

  • 1/4 of Grilled Shrimp Appetizer + 6 oz. Sirloin w/ Green Beans & Plain Sweet Potato: P-62g; C-84g; F-20g (~764 Calories).

  • 1 Slice of Baked Bread + Single Grilled Pork Chop w/ Plain Mashed Potatoes & House Salad: P-61g; C-56g; F-46g (~882 Calories).

  • 1/4 Fried Pickle Appetizer + 6 oz. Dallas Filet w/ Steak Fries & Caesar Salad (Dressing On Side): P-63g; C-75g; F-45g (~957 Calories).

More on the way - come back soon!