We’ve rounded up the most frequently asked questions by our community and put them in one space for you. Got a question you don’t see answered below? You’re always welcome to email me at thrive@juliealedbetter.com.


+ My goals may be different from someone else, how do I know The Thrive Tribe will work for me?

We will show you how to tailor your nutrition to your body, goals, activity level and eating preferences. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all programs and so it’s our goal to see you in the process and give you the tools to get customized results fit for you.

+ What if I don’t like one of the workouts or recipes?

No fear! The workouts and recipes are meant to be suggestions. You can mix, match and experiment on your own. Plus, every month you’ll be getting new content so it’s never too long before you can shake things up again! Every person’s journey is different. What’s most important is that you love the process of getting there.

+ I’m afraid of following my customized macros because I’d end up being hungry, will it happen to me?

This is one of our favorite questions to answer! We will teach you how to listen to your body for cues, eat enough food and stay hydrated without needing to constantly raid the fridge.

+ What if I don’t need to lose or gain weight… Can I still join The Thrive Tribe?


+ Do I need to buy supplements after joining The Thrive Tribe?

Nope! We do make recommendations but we’re clear about it and we want you to save money. Supplements only contribute 5% of the results you’re looking for and we’re focused on nutrition and training to make sure you’ll see the results you deserve.

+ What if I have a health condition?

We’d love to have you join The Thrive Tribe but we ask that you please consult with your doctor first!

+ How can I cancel my membership?

Canceling is easy but we hate to see you go! Please send an email to: members@juliealedbetter.com by the 27th of the month to cancel your membership for the next month!