I’ve learned THREE ESSENTIAL FACTS throughout my journey:


Fact #1
You can lose weight by eating anything you want!


You’re going to enjoy your indulge in the chocolate, taste the cheese, and try the wine—all in moderation.

Also, today we kill the lie that carbs are the enemy making you unbutton your pants at the dinner table. I remember when I was trying to build my dream body on a zero-carb diet… yes, zero carbs! I couldn’t function like a normal human, it was horrible…I felt like a zombie!

You see, your body needs carbs. Carbs don’t make you fat. There is no single food that will make you fat. It’s the overconsumption (eating more than your body really needs) that forces your body to gain fat.

I’ll teach you to calculate how much you need to eat to meet your body’s unique standards. You don’t have to kiss your social life goodbye to get the body you’ve been wanting.


I’ll help you understand what you need to fuel your body instead of starving it. You’ll learn how to eat food in moderation instead of depriving yourself of the things you love just to get the results you want. If pizza and ice cream (my two favorite foods) are wrong then I don’t want to be right.

I hate to say it but you’ve been lied to by health coaches. You’ve been forced to limit carbs, eat less than 1,200 calories per day, eat from a list of “approved foods” and stop eating after 5:00 PM if you want to see that scale budge. The truth is, it is not about limiting your caloric intake…it is about eating what your body actually needs to function optimally. Your body is different than anyone else’s body so you have to customize the foods you eat and when you eat them.


Fact #2
The most simple and effective method to lose weight and tone up your body is through lifting weights.


I can hear you saying it already, “But won’t I bulk up?”

I’m with ya, sister. I had the same fear. I can still remember sitting down on the bench that first time in the weight room staring at that dumbbell rack like a deer looking at the headlights, while men with bulging biceps hulked 80-pound dumbbells around the room, grunting and sweating.

I thought to myself…“I don’t want to look like that!”

Still, I knew something had to change. I decided to just start experimenting. I picked up 5-pound dumbbells and began to copy what others were doing. A few weeks later, for the first time in my life, I began to see tone and definition.

In my own training, I’ve learned that lifting weights helps your body change. It boosts fat loss and shaves inches off your hips, waist, all of it. It was the missing link between me and that favorite pair of jeans I was dying to wear again.


You’ve been told lifting weights will make you “big” and “bulky” and that if you pick up a dumbbell, you’re going to wake up with bulging “man” legs…Turns out, lifting weights will actually SHRINK you. Yup, you heard me. It will help you tone up and lose fat.

Not only that but, each time you finish your workout, your metabolism gets a boost and your body kicks in to repair your muscles. You’re burning for 36 hours after the workout. Now compare that to a piece of cardio equipment that takes you nowhere…literally!

This means you get to go home, watch one of your favorite shows on Netflix, and burn fat while sitting on the couch. Once you start working out with weights, you’re going to see results! And we will be here to cheer you on the whole way through!


Fact #3
Many programs and e-books have been setting you up to fail from day 1.


I remember the first time I bought an ebook online that claimed to help me lose weight and fit back into my favorite little black dress. After the first week, I was feeling uninspired and lost my motivation to continue following it. I quickly realized the creator of the program didn’t care whether or not I followed through. They didn’t care to challenge me with accountability. They weren’t anywhere to be found.

My support system was lacking and my results were suffering.


You need what we all need…a tribe. A sisterhood. People you can call a family. A group of like-minded individuals who are going to cheer you on, hold you accountable and scrape you off the floor when things get ugly.

A recent study shows that having a community focused on accountability and support increases your success rate by 47%! That’s basically half!

You need people and you deserve to have people in your corner who are invested in seeing you get better by the day. I created The Thrive Tribe just for health and fitness enthusiasts like you.