“Physically, I am at my smallest without having to starve myself! This has changed my life and I intend to keep going because my quality of life is so much better than before. Thank you for all the support, tips and tricks!”

Krystal N.


“Macro counting has been giving me freedom. My anxious thoughts and feeling guilty for eating certain foods is becoming less and less. That is a relief I can’t describe! Plus, I am eating more than I ever have! My way of looking at food has changed for the better. I cannot wait to see how much I can do and to have a solid support system through it all!”

Alyssa M.


“I've lost 5 inches off my waist in the 8 weeks I've been doing your program! Thank you for finally giving me something I can successfully integrate in my life!”

Kim H.


“My shoulders are growing, my waist is shrinking and are those some baby abs?!” I am eating protein pancakes or brownies at least four times a week?! This is easily the happiest mentally, emotionally and physically I’ve ever been!”

Rachel R.