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Weight Training Made Simple

You want to get in shape with weight training — but you don’t want to spend countless hours working out. You want to have a dream body that is tight, toned, and defined — but you don’t want to read an encyclopedia to figure it out. If you feel this way… this e-book is for you!

This e-book has helped over 5,500 women lose fat, increase strength and feel confident in their skin.


  1. Anyone who has never worked out with weights at the gym before and would like a simple plan,

  2. Anyone who has tried different weight-training programs and felt that it was “too much”, “too confusing”, or “too demanding”,

  3. Anyone who would like to challenge the body with a new routine and make progress by taking their bodies to the next level.


  • 8-Week Weight Training Program

  • Video Demonstrations For Every Movement

  • How to Properly Perform Your Lifts

  • Most Effective Way to Track Your Progress

  • Exercise Substitutions Guide

  • How to Stretch Properly

  • Foam Rolling 101

  • 50+ Pages + Much More!