Honor Your Body Challenge

Movement – Macros – Mindset

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I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting my FIRST EVER 30-Day #HonorYourBodyChallenge on October 7, 2019!

This short, yet intense 30-Day challenge designed to help you commit or re-commit to honoring your body through movement, macros and mindset! It is a great way to kickstart or accelerate your results to create the momentum you need to finish out the year strong!

I strongly recommend you grab a friend or two and do it together!

When is it?

Start Date: October 7, 2019

End Date: November 5, 2019

Cost: $50

** If the dates don’t work for you, you can still purchase the challenge, but feel free to complete at ANY time that works for you!

When Can I Sign Up?

You can sign up ANYTIME between September 23 – October 7th, 2019.

Early Bird Registration GIVEAWAY: September 23–25th (if you want to be entered to win one of (3) $100 gift cards that I’ll be giving away, you will need to purchase between those dates + tag me on IG stories to be entered to win!)

Here’s What You Need To Know:

This challenge is not based on a quick fix but instead it is carefully designed to help you start and build a solid momentum into the holiday season while providing you an educational experience that lasts you a lifetime!

If you have been following me for a while or that you’re new to my page, I don’t believe we should be restricted from eating what we love and it is just as important to be intentionally honoring our body with movement that we love.

I also believe every woman should be educated and empowered on how to fuel their body properly, as it is the most effective and efficient way to see results from all the hard work they’re putting in.

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This challenge is going to be filled with education and motivation; I am 100% committed to running this challenge alongside you by sharing workout videos, useful tips, and recipe ideas both inside the Private Facebook Challenge Group and on Instagram.

Note: I’ve never done this type of challenge with you guys before, so if you’re wanting to move right alongside me EVERY DAY for 30 days – now is your time to do it with me!!!

Who Is This Challenge For?

Anyone! Grab a friend or two and commit to honoring your body for 30 days with movement, macros and mindset and see where it takes you!

What Do You Get Inside The Challenge?

  • 4-Week Macro Calculations: After completing a questionnaire form that’s sent to you after your purchase, you’ll get step-by-step guide with details on how I’ve calculated your macros. It will include protein, carbs, and fat; suggested number of meals and snacks to eat daily; as well as fiber and water intake recommendations.

  • Quick Start Guide: A short, informative e-book filled with tips and advice on getting started quickly – from learning how to meal plan and prep, using one of two recommended macro tracking apps, to monitoring your progress.

  • 4-Week Workout Program: This resistance program is designed for women to perform at either the gym or home.

    • It will consist of 5 weekly circuit training style workouts/week designed to help change your body composition and maximize your body’s ability to burn fat and keep lean muscle! These workouts are perfect for all levels, lasting around 30-40 minutes, so you can get them done with no excuses! =)

    • Equipment Requirements: Dumbbells; Resistance Bands With Handles and/or Loop Bands; Hip Resistance Bands (like Booty Pump Bands here); Step: Bench, Chair, or Box.

      Optional: Cardio machines, Jump Rope, and/or Barbell.

      * I would suggest having a couple sets of dumbbells ranging from 5-40 lbs (depending on your fitness level) to ensure that you’re challenging yourself!

      ** Loop Bands/Resistance Bands With Handles are a great way to mimic what a gym cable machine can do. If you need to get some, I suggest getting these as they are affordable and high-quality.

  • 14-Day Jumpstart Meal Plan: This can be the hardest part for people so I wanted to create a 14-day meal plan sample (with over 20+ delicious recipes) that will include a grocery lists, meal prep calendars and important tips you should know about. (You may want to make some tiny adjustments to fit your personal macros and/or dietary restrictions – but it will still be a great resource for you!)

  • Facebook Community Group: You’ll gain access to a private community group of other like-minded individuals for inspiration, support, and accountability! If you don’t have Facebook, that’s okay – I’ll be cheering you on if you post on Instagram by using either one of these hashtags: #HYBC or #honoryourbodychallenge #honoryourbodywithmovement!

  • Weekly Prizes: Prizes will be randomly selected to those encouraging other challengers and building up the community, tagging me in their stories (because I want to see and jump in to cheer you on) using #HYBC and #honoryourbodychallenge.

What Are The Prizes?

  • Grand Prize Winner: $1,000 Cash via PayPal

  • Runner-Up Winner: $500 Cash via PayPal

  • Third Place Winner: $250 Cash via PayPal

  • Fourth Place Winner: $100 Cash via PayPal

  • Fifth Place Winner: $50 Cash via PayPal

I will also be doing weekly giveaways on my Instagram for those who are participating in the challenge, some of the brands include:

  • Lululemon

  • PEScience

  • Fran Denim

  • Onyx & Rose CBD

  • Amazon Gift Cards

  • Ledbetter Booty Pump Bands

  • Headphones

  • And more coming soon…!

I hope to see you on the inside of the challenge.

I know it will radically transform your lifestyle – Remember that INTENTIONALITY and HABITS are the keys to developing sustainable results, and I can’t wait to be along this journey with you for the next 30 days!

Frequently Asked Questions (Movement):

  • Are these workouts only for those who are experienced?

    No! These workouts can be easily modified depending the level of fitness that you are! The beautiful thing about resistance training, is that you are in control of the dumbbell lbs that you decide to use for the movements. I wanted to make sure I created a workout program that all women of all different fitness levels would benefit from!

  • Does the workout program have a list of substitutions?

    Yes! For example – if you don’t have a machine to perform seated rows, it will suggest to do either barbell or dumbbell rows (or loop band rows!) to hit the same muscle group as outlined in the program that you can easily do without the machine.

  • Can I do the workouts at home?

    Yes! You can do all of these workouts at home – the only pieces of equipment you’ll want to have are a few dumbbells and a couple of resistance bands with handles (loop & booty pump bands are optional, but recommended!)

  • How long will the workouts take?

    Workouts will typically take between 30-45 minutes depending on how fast you move throughout the circuit! If you’re short on time, you can always shorten the circuit!

Frequently Asked Questions (Macros):

  • Can I count macros if I am vegan or vegetarian or have a food allergy?

    Yes, you can! The beautiful thing about macro counting is that it is not only customized to your body, but to your eating preferences, too! Whether you’re a vegan or vegetarian, your protein, carbs and fat allotments will be adjusted to fit your eating preferences.

  • Can I count macros if I am pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

    Yes! There is a question on the questionnaire form we’ll send you after purchase that you’re able to select, which will let us know how to align the macros to your specific needs.

  • Does this include a meal plan?

    This challenge comes with a 7-day meal plan suggestion showing you how to take macros and turn them into a full day of eating. However, you may need to make tiny adjustments to fit your personalized macros and/or dietary restrictions (i.e. food allergies) by adding/subtracting/adjusting meals and snacks. It still is a large resource for you to use anytime!

  • Can I do this challenge without counting macros?

    Yes! You absolutely can do this challenge without the macro portion, however the cost will still be $50. Remember that customized nutrition paired with consistent resistance training is the most effective way to see results.

  • When will I get my macro calculations?

    Once registration opens, the sooner you send in your completed questionnaire form – the sooner we can start your customized macro calculation. If you complete questionnaire form before the challenge starts, you will likely receive your macros before the challenge starts.

Frequently Asked Questions (Other):

  • If I don’t have Facebook, can I still do the challenge?

    Yes! You DO NOT need Facebook to complete this challenge! Your macro calculations and workouts will all be send via email! The weekly giveaways will be on Instagram. If you want additional accountability and support, you can always sign up for a temporary account for the Facebook group, but it is not necessary.

  • What if I’m busy during the dates of the challenge – can I still do it?

    Yes! Once you purchase the challenge, you will have lifetime access to the workouts portion of the challenge – but keep in mind that the Facebook community group will only be open during the challenge, and the group will close after November 4th. (*Please note: If you want to get your personalized macro calculations, you will need to complete your questionnaire before the challenge is over. We will not calculate your macros once the challenge is over.)

  • What if I’m traveling during the dates of the challenge – can I still do it?

    Yes! All of these workouts can be done at home with limited equipment. As long as you bring some resistance bands along with you, you’ll be able to modify most of the movements. The goal of this challenge is to teach you the power of consistency, instead of perfection! So do what you can with what you’ve got!

  • Do I need an Apple Watch or Fitness Tracker to complete this challenge?

    No! This challenge does not require that you have an Apple Watch or fitness tracker. Although those can be helpful to track your movement and keep you accountable throughout the day, they are not necessary!

  • Can I Do This Challenge If I Live Outside The U.S?

    YES! This challenge can be done world-wide! In fact, I love that this community is so global, so if you’re outside the US and want to join this challenge, PLEASE consider it! We’d LOVE to have you!

Didn’t answer your question? Email hello@juliealedbetter.com with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible! =)