28 Things About Life I've Learned To Be True In 28 Years

Where has time gone? Honestly, I still don't feel older than a junior in high school who just got her driver's license; but looking back on the last 28 years of my life, I can say I have learned so much.

Today, I wanted to share some of the things I know to be true in my short 28 years on this earth thus far... enjoy!


Being yourself IS your superpower

For many years, I allowed myself to believe the lie that I needed to try to be someone else in order for the world to like or accept me. I have since come to realize that my superpower IS in fact, me – in my truest form. Because no one will ever have the opportunity to see the world as I do.

Your body is friggin' AMAZING

The fact that my body has literally gone through Hell and back and still decides to function for me is actually incredible and I never want to take that for granted.

It's okay to not always be OK

I used to be the person who hated bothering others by sharing my emotions. I was so used to putting on a façade, that it was easy for me to bottle my emotions. Until I realized that it affected each aspect of my life. It is absolutely necessary to feel all the feels. Let them out – they will help you grow, I promise!

Your weight is SIMPLY a number

In case you didn't hear that in the back, let me repeat it again: your weight is simply a number. It should never ever, ever dictate your happiness, self-worth, or commitment in pursuing your dreams! It is ONE of many means of measurement; and if you cannot use it just like that, kick it to the curb.

Health is NOT all about having veins, defined muscles or abs

Over the past years, I have learned that true health is much more important than physical appearance. I used to think that health looked a certain way... until I realized that the feeling didn't match my expectation of what I thought it would. True health, in my eyes, is feeling your best; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that you can serve those who you love most is the best version of yourself.

Working out is for YOU... no one else

I used to think I needed to go to the gym so that I could find acceptance in the eyes of others. Since learning the truth, I now look at the gym as a necessity for me. It should not be a place you go to try and please another person because, at some point, that person will let you down. Learn to embrace the idea of having a place that is all for you to truly feel satisfied.

Invest in SELF-AWARENESS and it'll save you time and money

I used not to value the importance of self-awareness. Later, I learned that to be self-aware is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. Not only will it save you a crap ton of money (not having to spend money trying different things to see what truly makes you happy), but it also will save you time. In my opinion, it is one of the most valuable assets we own in our lives (and it's free)!

Stop wasting your TIME wishing you were somewhere else

For a long time, I was discontent with my life. I was constantly wishing that I was someone else or doing something different... because of that - I wasted so much of my life! If I could go back to tell myself in my early 20s, I'd say this: "Quit scrolling and hoping, wishing and praying, that you were somewhere else when you should start by embracing where you're at right now!"

If you're not ENJOYING what you're doing, change it

I am giving you the permission right now to STOP what you're doing and start doing what you love. For many years, I stayed in the same place because I was scared to try something new; or I was scared of what other people would say. I came to realize that life is actually too short to not do what you love!

Learn to fail more OFTEN

The thought of failure scared me. I always looked at it as something to be frowned upon; but I learned to anticipate failure and embrace it with open arms. I do this because I know it is our greatest teacher. Because the sooner we fail, the sooner we'll be able to succeed!

Quit assuming what people THINK about you

These words will hinder any dream or ambition that you may have. It did for me over 10+ years of my life. I was hesitant to make a change simply because I cared about what people would think. The moment you start believing other people's thoughts do not matter to you anymore is a life-changing experience for you. You'll become free to do what you want with your life!

There is nothing better than feeling STRONG

I was a weak girl for more than half of my life. I didn't prioritize strength because I never had a taste of what it truly felt like. Not just physically, but mentally, too. Not only does strength allow you to have killer training sessions, but it leads to much more confidence in your life and helps enhance your ability to become more independent. When you feel physical strength while accomplishing things you didn't think you could, you'll realize you can accomplish ANYTHING you set your mind to.


The people you spend your time with and the daily activities you are participating in matters. The words you speak to yourself and others matter. Even if you don't feel the effect of it right now, you will in time... Take time to nurture your internal and external environment right now so your older self can thank you for it!

It is okay to be ALONE

I used to be scared of being alone. Not because of being alone but being alone with myself and my lack of self-acceptance. Now, I thrive each time I am able to spend my time alone because it gives me the ability to process my thoughts and feelings.

Do not put a cap on your DREAMS

Do you remember when you were a kid and nothing felt impossible? We need to get that feeling back. You ARE capable; you ARE worthy; you ARE enough; and you CAN accomplish anything you set out to do with patience, perseverance, and prayers.

Stop looking for the one; you ARE the one

When you rely on others, they will disappoint you because we are human beings (we make mistakes). Remember this: you ALONE are enough, and it is all you need. Other people and things in your life are meant to be complements, but they are not designed to complete you.

Use the 5-second rule

If you have not heard of the 5-second rule introduced by Mel Robbins, go check it out now! It is a simple concept with a PROFOUND outcome. The five-second rule has not just changed my level of productivity but has enhanced my relationships and attitude has eliminated my procrastination.

Move your body DAILY

I used to think that the gym was the only place to move my body; in fact, I often used that as an excuse to not get out and explore until a few years ago. Since then, learning to MOVE my body outside with activities such as hiking, biking, running, walking, etc. has made a significant difference in my life.

Watch more sunsets than Netflix

But really... if you think about this for a minute – how addicted are we to Netflix? It is insane to think about how fast one episode can turn into two seasons. Make a commitment to watch more sunsets than Netflix and I promise, once you learn to take a step away from the television by getting outside, it will enhance your life while refreshing your mind!

Commit to DEVOTE your energy instead of TIME to be with your loved ones

I used to grow up thinking that I need to commit my TIME to those whom I loved; until I discovered that it wasn't about the time we want from others... it's their energy! Spending five hours with someone you love but not fully present will leave you feeling unsatisfied. But if you spend one hour fully investing your energy with them... it will keep you wanting more of that person! Next time, put the phone down and invest your energy in people -- you'll be AMAZED at how it'll strengthen your relationship with them.

Learn to live with roommates

Living with other people that are not your family members is actually a crash course in life - it teaches you things you didn't know about yourself and habits you don't realize you have. It helps you understand how to deal with the good, bad and ugly when it comes to living in close quarters with another person. It doesn't hurt to accept the fact that it'll help prepare you for your marriage in the future!

Take care of yourself first, others second

I'll admit, I was a bit spoiled growing up. When I was sick, my mama was always there to tuck me in and give me chicken noodle soup. Or when I bought something from Ikea, I would have a friend put it together. As I got older, I realized I needed to grow up. Although it was hard, I learned the importance of taking care of myself. Sure, right now I have family and friends who are there for me but it might not always be like that. Let's be honest... being helpless is possibly one of the worst feelings, ever.

Fall MADLY in love

Learning to fall in love with yourself is one of the best gifts that you can give. And falling in love with someone else changes and molds you in ways you didn't know was possible.

RECREATE your vision board annually

I used to not be a fan of this. In fact, I thought it was super corny and only something you'd do when you're in middle school, trying to figure out what you wanted to do when you grow up. I was wrong. And over time – I learned that it can be quite powerful to create a vision board, placing it where you'll see it every day.

WORTHWHILE things grow in the dirt of imperfection

The things that are going to teach you monumental life lessons typically come from seasons of imperfection – times in your life you feel unworthy, insignificant, unsure and/or insufficient. Don't check-out during these specific seasons of your life – learn to lean in and wait expectantly!

Your tongue is powerful; wield it lightly

Speaking harsh, thoughtless words to ourselves and others only takes a second and inflicts deep wounds that often take years to heal. Be mindful of how you use your words. For the impact they have is far greater than you give them credit for.

Stick to a BUDGET

I used to think that budgeting was only for people who couldn't control their spending, but it is actually the opposite. I truly believe that budgeting is a vital role in the stewardship of our finances. I'm not here to tell you how to budget, but to encourage you to actually budget. Your 50-years-old self will thank you for it!

Before you go, always say, "I love you"

I dislike saying this, but life is short. And you will never regret saying it; I promise.

Comment below which one(s) resonated with you! Also, I'd love to know one truth you have learned thus far on your journey.